The Reverie is superbly located on the Rodeberg, a scenic ridge in what is known as the Flanders hill country. Whether you are here for a welcome break from your daily routine, a resting place on your visit to the World War I memorials (ten miles from Ypres), or looking for a unique setting for a seminar or a small conference, the hotel's relaxed informality and high standard of service are certain to please you.

Sitting on a hilltop in the Heuvelland region of southern Flanders, its eight rooms are overlooking the valley, offering uninterrupted views of the village down below and rolling fields stretching all the way to France. The terrace and the garden, facing south, allow you to take it all in while savouring one of our famous Belgian beers. A private path along an orchard provides the natural starting place for your explorations in a region made for walking and biking tours.

Although traditionally crafted and exuding a nostalgic feel, the hotel is new and offers full accommodations. Its rooms are spacious and comfortable, with bath, shower, toilet, TV, internet connection, mini-bar, a balcony. There are three en suite rooms for families or parties up to four.


HOTEL REVERIE - Rodebergstraat 26 - B-8954 Westouter Heuvelland
Phone: +32 (0)57- 44 48 19 - Fax: +32 (0)57- 44 87 40 - Email: